Anorak day memories

A big thank you to everyone who emailed and telephoned their compliments to the station on Sunday and Monday whilst we played tribute to the offshore pirate stations of the sixties, seventies and eighties.
Some of the great messages we received are listed below.
Don't forget, many of the shows from Sunday and Monday are now available to download or stream from our Listen Again page Whilst many of the great stations of the sixties closed down due to the MOA, you can still hear the music and the jingles on Big L International.
Been a great days broadcasting from the best team in radio, Wonderful Big L! Had a few sad moments from 50 plus years of great family radio memories. Got tons of great memories of the UK Off shore (pirate) radio stations from early Radio Caroline199 (201m) with it early mix of pop and light music during the summer of 1964 until the boss came and dropped anchor near Caroline in December 1964! From them it was great entertainment from various off shore stations pleasing every age costing nothing! (hmm)
Ton of thanks to all who put this weekend and today’s special plus thanks to whoever let you
guys play the real best jingles created in 1964 still sounding super.
Just wanted to say thanks for today's special programmes. They've all been
a great listen, I've had the stream on since 0730!! Still have to listen to yesterday's shows from the pod cast page, so looking forward to that.
Everyone has really done the station proud.
Graeme in Haywards Heath.
Hello to everyone of Big L. Very, very much thanks for the offshore radio-mix of today on your webstream. I enjoy it!!!
Greetings of Nico from Gouda, the Netherlands.
A great day of radio today. Thank you. Although I have forever been depressed about what happened on 14th Aug 1967. I was 16 at the time.
A couple of years ago, on my birthday you played "A Day In The Life" followed by The Big L Waltz to repeat the last of WRL. Well, we have had all of that today so can you play The Beatles "Drive My Car" as a memory of some of the music played at the height of Big L which we must not forget, had about 10 to 12 million listeners.
Thank you
Really enjoying the music. Fantastic memories. So who remembers Frinton Flashing from Caroline? Rob, Johannesburg
Its been great this last couple of days it takes you back to when young people used to show off their transistor radios off instead of their cars the only thing was after 14 august 1967 there was not much point in having one! Thanks. Norman in Rotherham.
Thank you for a fantastic days broadcasting, its making a lot of people happy and it comes across that the djs are enjoying it too, I will be
listening for the rest of the day, even Coronation Sreet will have to be missed, from Steve in Colne Lancs.
What a fantastic two days of incredible programmes! Brilliant! Excellent! Well done! You can count me in, on being a returnee! Keep up the good music, and yet another good programme today. Greetings from Bulgaria.
What a wonderful Show yesterday, you must have the best pirate memorabilia
collection in the UK, if not the world. Knock out show. Well done.
I listened to most of yesterday and what a great day it was .
Excellent programs throughout the day.I really did enjoy it.
Lets have more of the same!
Many thanks,
Thanks to you all for a great show yesterday. You all worked really hard and gave your listeners a great day.
Many thanks Roger.
Thanks for all the shows yesterday and Sunday. You all should be commended. It was nice to go back in time with all of you.
Mary Ann
I remember listening to Radio London, Radio Caroline and Swingin' Radio England with my ear glued to a transistor radio and decided that the best job in the world would be a disk jockey!  I was a club DJ in Chatham for a while and then I emigrated to the USA, but my life took a few twists and turns in different directions. I ended up here in Nashville, and although I never was a radio DJ I continue to do quite a few voiceovers for radio and television commercials and documentaries.  None of that would have happened for me without those early days listening, enthralled, to Tom Lodge, Jerry Leighton, Kenny Everett, Johnnie Walker, Robbie Dale, Rosko, Ron O'Quinn and all the rest of those great guys in the North Sea!
Just to say a great show as I expected it would be. Full of memories and nostalgia. Just the job for brightening up the Sunday afternoon. Well done.  
Jill and Tony.
August 14th 1967 is the most important day in british history for me, and  44 years ago today Radio London was about to close down.  It was a very black day indeed as the offshore stations closed, and it is a day I will never forget for as long as I live. Caroline continued.
I have enjoyed your programme very much indeed remembering the days when Britain was Great. I am living in Bulgaria now, as I have left England for good, from where I write this, and would like you to play A Day in a Life by the Beatles if you are already not going to play it anyway.
Thought id listen online to see if anyone is remembering last hour of BIg L August 14th! Remember it well.
Jim in Devon

Hi fantastic shows fantastic music fantastic memories

What a great show ,I left school early on 14th august 1967 to listen to the last hour of big L ,still listen when i can on the web here in Birmingham UK.
A magic show by the way - best in ages!
John.  Tilehurst.
Fantastic shows. I started listening very early in the morning today: first to Cookie, then went to sleep for a few hours. Also Paul Jones did a great show today.
Greetings to you,

Enjoying all the memories of a great time in radio listening!
Best wishes from
Would you please play a Radio One Jingles and the Bay City Rollers?! This would at least give me the chance to go out to the shop and buy some cigarettes, as I am in great need of one but finding it too difficult to tear myself away from my computer.  The programmes are fantastic!  First Class.
Joking about Radio 1 jingles of course, also say hello to Antony Wedgewood Benn, and tell him.  “Sorry old fruitcake but you failed, we here still listening to the likes of Big L, Caroline, Northsea and despite what you and Harold did.”
I'm sending him an email anyway to remind him what he and Harold did.
Great shows, lovely listening to them all.
Dave. Gloucestershire.