Nick Barnes

My name is Nick Barnes, I was born in 1962, I'm a singer, songwriter guitarist. Music has always been my love and passion. My birthplace was The Isle of Sheppey, Kent, England. I started playing guitar when I was 12 and have played in bands and as a solo musician since I was 16. I did a BBC Children in Need fundraising appeal/TV show in the 80's with my own band. Two of the guitarists went on to play with Delametri and Lynndisfarne. Then I got married, hence no music recorded for a few years. On my first album The Last Train, I was really lucky to work with Tommy Mandel of the Brian Adams Band. Since then I have written and recorded two more albums, The Blacktop Road and Throwin Stones. Tommy has worked on all three albums with me. I have also had some really great musicians work with me that can not be named due to contractual reasons. Most recently on the Throwin Stones album, I was lucky to work with Ian Cutler, the fiddle player from The Strawbs. All three albums are currently getting airplay worldwide, on various FM and internet stations. All the DJ's that are playing my music are saying that it is being well received. I also really love presenting radio shows which I have been doing now for about 5 years. I am over the moon to be doing weekly shows on Big L. You can hear Nick on Friday evenings on Big L International between 7-9pm playing hits from the fifties and sixties.