Airtime Sales

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Big L is exclusively speaking to a small number of potential advertisers who can gain most from advertising with Emperor Rosko, Ron O'Quinn and the station's other outstanding DJs. This is a "launch pad" offer as it is both limited and short-term, so you'll need to move fast to get the best rates and airplay times.

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If you need help with making your advert, Big L can guide you towards a complete range of specialist help - anything from copy writing and precise editing, to creative advice, expert studio help and exclusive voice-overs, Big L has access to the skills, experience and technology to make your advertising special.

Is your business big or small? It really doesn't matter because both benefit from the specialised radio advertising that Big L provides. International brands, such as Ladbrokes, Queens Hotels and Total Greek Yoghurt have already used the station, as have many smaller regional business, jewellery outlets, flower design chains and gift-card manufacturers to pick just a few recent Big L converts. And those that have already advertised are signing up for new deals because, as one advertiser put it: "The response has been incredible!"

If you would like to advertise on Big L  please contact  01255 808 113

or via email:

Sponsorship provides the dream ticket

All of our daily programmes are available for sponsorship-and with household names like Chirpy, Emperor Rosko, Roger & Simon Davis you'll be in good hands.

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There are also regular features within the programmes available for sponsorship and occasional opportunities to create new features especially for you.

Here are a few suggestions for immediate opportunities to partner shows and features on Big L:

An Advertisers Dream Come True?

Since the launch of our medium wave service on 1395am listener response has been fantastic.

It has been a lesson in giving rock and pop listeners exactly what they were asking for.

Big L is the right choice - for audience and advertisers alike.

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The most-quoted line from eager listeners contacting the station is that time-honoured cliche: "Now that's what I call real music".

Far-sighted advertisers are fast climbing on the Big L bandwagon because its booming boutique audience is mainly 35 plus, demographically ABC1, with sizeable disposable incomes and good levels of quality leisure time.

Big L will also bring its roadshows or party nights to your company. Impress clients or give your firm a boost with live broadcasts direct from your boardroom or reception.

If you would like to advertise on Big L 1395 please contact 01255 808 113 or via email: